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Friday April 15, 2011

SANTA MONICA PRODUCTIONS 2011. January 2011 – Fitflop Photo-shoot Valencia. January 2011 kicked off to a running start for Santa Monica with a four day photo-shoot for Fit Flop at the prestigious Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias in Valencia. The foreign crew of eleven people flew in on Jan 4th after a rapid tech reccie, …

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Santa Monica Productions has just completed yet another successful high-profile photo shoot . THE JOB. Once again we were contacted by top American photographer Jim Fiscus and his London based agent  in order to put together a shoot for MC Saatchi client “Jamesons Whiskey”. THE BRIEF . The brief was quite complex requiring 4 different …

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A Taste Of The Right Medicine.

Thursday October 28, 2010

The Autumn season has seriously kicked-in again for Santa Monica Productions with several jobs shot locally in Malaga province and scouting taking place  all over Spain. In September amongst others , we completed an  advertising photo-shoot with renowned British photographer Phil Sureby for a medicinal product made by a well-known international pharmaceutical company . The …

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March 2010 saw Santa Monica Productions organizing the local production of a 3 day   Lipsy of  London fashion shoot – including a day with  celebrity platinum selling  singer Pixie Lott modeling the new Lipsy  Festival & Party collection. Our brief was  to provide a number of  private and highly exclusive jet-set  locations for the project, …

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Thursday May 27, 2010

Santa Monica Productions has just wrapped  yet another successful shoot, this time in the western province of Huelva for the strawberry farming industry . In April we were requested to supply the logistics and local support for a German client to shoot HD footage for an corporative  film in the West of Andalucia. The project …

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Tuesday March 2, 2010

SAFETY CARS,SECRET CARS & LOWLOADERS . USING SAFETY CARS. The last post mentioned safety-cars , in this one I will try to give a brief explanation of how & when we use them. When shooting on a rural road its quite possible that after you have released traffic, the number of cars coming past the …

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Thursday January 28, 2010

BRIEFING CREW & RADIO PROCEDURE . SAFETY FIRST. In my first post I  listed 5 points to check when on the technical recce and when about to do the first rehearsal, there are a few more worth mentioning . 6).WALK THE COURSE WITH YOUR ROAD SAFETY CREW. Once you know the sections of road you …

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Friday January 22, 2010

FILMING ON ROADS  IN SPAIN- PART ONE PRE-SHOOT & PREPPING THE ROAD. SAFETY FIRST. There are a number of  very important  details to remember when preparing to cut off a section of public road for filming in Spain whether it be from car to car, camera in car or camera on road. When doing the …

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Why not use a local with a good knowledge of the area rather than a professional location scout? This question is often asked, especially when trying to trim the budget before a production. The fact is it’s a false economy to send someone cheaper but inexperienced out to scout. The reasons why are many: A …

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Are you considering your next shoot in Spain? In order to try and save money -many foreign producers consider  opting  for a “local-fixer” This is a  single person who is supposed to be your liaison for everything you require for your shoot in a foreign country.Working as an individual they charge a daily-rate.This means every …

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