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About Santa Monica Productions,
a Film Production Company in Spain

Santa Monica Productions Spain is a film production company in Southern Spain specializing in photo and filming. We are based in the heart of the Costa del Sol in Marbella, Malaga. Since its foundation in 2000 Santa Monica Productions has completed numerous photo, film and advertising productions from around the world. We are collaborating with leading service production companies, agencies, brands and finally artists across the audio-visual market.

The Founders

The company is founded and run by Yiannie Lamb and Kirsten Fleig.  They are professionals who are passionate about the beauty, the culture of Andalucía/Southern Spain and even more its people. Southern Spain offers  a vast variety of landscapes, this enables filmmakers and photographers to use it as a backdrop for virtually any location you can think of. It’s the best place in Europe for your project.


Our image database of Andalusia, Southern Spain with over 1.000.000 location photos, has been created from years of location scouting, and location management for international productions. Be they fashion shoots, catalog shoots, film and video productions. Whether TV productions, reality TV shows, drama shows and movies.  Extensive knowledge of service production coupled with an enormous location database allows us to put budgets and locations on your desktop in record time.  We have our own location scouts and a network of local fixers. The local scouts and fixers obtain shooting permits for film, fashion, editorial or advertising shoots in the shortest possible time. If the locations you requested are very specific, the location scouts will go out and recce them according to your brief, take reference pictures. If necessary we will do light studies too.

Film Production Company; experienced in all aspects!

Santa Monica Productions in-house producers are experienced in all the aspects of a film production company. They know the in and outs of permits for filming and photo shoots and will book the perfect crew for you. Furthermore we will take care of the accommodation. Also organizing transport and lighting, camera and also grip packages. Malaga has all the latest technical film material and the highly experienced bilingual crew to go with it.  An Art department, armorers, props and also a construction crew. Furthermore, SFX, Drones, Picture cars, Hair and finally Make-up are all readily available.

There are so many ancient cultures and civilizations that have passed through the Iberian Peninsula in the last 3000 years . They have left their mark in the landscape and most importantly the customs. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Visigoths, Moors, French and also others have all left architecture and customs here. Consequently, this makes Southern Spain´s locations so varied.

Southern Spain offers such a vast variety of landscapes,. Therefore enables filmmakers and photographers to use it as a backdrop for virtually any location you can think of.

 In recent years we have filmed Andalusia for this reason as the following countries……………
Austria, Australia Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Argentina,  Azerbaijan, and that’s just the A-list!

Shoot and film in Spain -It’s the best place in Europe for your project.