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Car Shoot Spain

Over the last 25 years Spain has become the most popular country in Europe and possibly the world for advertisment car shooting. Most of the major European, Asian and American automobile manufacturers realize their car shoot  in Spain,

Why do companies love to shoot in Spain?

Well here are some of the reasons..

  • Geographical location  Spain is easily accessible by road and sea. This saves time and money as vehicles for car shoots can be trucked in from anywhere in Europe in a maximum of of 72hrs thus avoiding costly air transport.
  • Landscapes and Architecture– The amazing variety of geographical and topographical features added to the sheer size of the country makes for an enormous selection of locations for car shooting. Modern roads, old cities, coastal highways, tiny villages, desert landscapes, nordic forests, endless plains, white beaches and turquoise oceans are just some of the milliard locations available for car photography.
  • Weather– Spain due to its position in Southern Europe generally enjoys extremely mild weather in comparison to the rest of the continent. The northern regions have a slightly colder climate and this makes them photographically similar to other regions in more northern countries adding yet more possibilities for variety.
  • Communications and Transport– A modern network of roads, fast rail transport and airports in all the major cities allow for rapid access to any region.
  • Infrastructure and Support– Spain has adapted to the film and advertising industries requirements, recognizing the vast amount of foreign productions and investment they now have offices to assist local producers in generating the necessary permits and support from local authorities to enable car shooting and automotive photo productions to take place with a relatively short preparation period.
  • Suppliers and Crew– The volume of productions over the last 25 years has created a ready supply of well trained, experienced bi-lingual crew suitable for any position on a car shoot. Camera technicians, riggers, grips, precision- drivers,  state of the art tracking vehicles, camera, light and sound equipment, drone operators, helicopters, catering, casting,  special-effects and all the necessary ancillary crew and material you may need to supply any type of car shooting in Spain.
  • Locations- The sheer variety of locations is awesome.

The southern regions like Andalucia offer both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines and beaches, busy holiday resorts with classic and modern luxury villas , sports facilities, yacht basins and  more. An enormous selection of arquitecture is readily available from Roman to Moorish, Gothic, neoclassic, renaissance, classical and ultra-modern cities, white villages, stone-built hamlets, stunning castles. The landscapes run the full gamut from rolling plains, stark snowclad mountains, volcanoes, cliffs, forest and lakes, rivers, deserts, farmland of every type, vin-yards,  vast beaches, tiny coves, reefs, islands, (we can even supply jungle).

So if you are considering a location for your next car shoot  in Spain then we can help you- our vast location database is available so you can see and pick  the type of photo locations you require.

Feel free to contact us for a chat or a budget, our collective knowledge and expertise will save you time and money and make your shoot successful and a memorable experience.