Production Services Spain

Production Services Spain

Filming in a foreign country can be stressful at times. Our team has the all-important local know-how, experience and personal contacts to cover your back.

We offer a full range of services and will meet all your production service needs:

Pre-production, scouting , permits, , location management ,bi-lingual crew, coordination, logistics , equipment, casting , talent, hotel, transport , props, art department, construction, medical services, insurance, stunts ,SFX, catering , light, grip and camera rentals, trained animals, drones, action-vehicles and special technical camera vehicles.

We are on YOUR side and know where everything is and how to get it…
Santa Monica provides a full range of services that will facilitate all your production service needs. Our local knowledge cuts cost by eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and makes the impossible, POSSIBLE!

Contact us now at info@santamonicaproductions.com to discover how our experience and professionalism will save you time and money.